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what are you going to do to create a ‘fondest holiday memory’ for a friend or family or neighbor this year? 

With it being my first holiday where I’m coming back home for a few weeks after being away for a smelter, I figure I should have a fun time over my break.
Before I leave I plan on creating personalized pieces of art for each of my immediate family members, one of their favorite characters from their favorite shows or books.. Hopefully I’ll be able to fit some Doctor Who things in there!
And even though I’ll be working for a good portion of my break, I want to take time out to make a gingerbread house with my brother and hang out with my favorite sisters. Watch Doctor Who with my dad and some Dr. Quinn with my mom.

I’ll have a lot of TV shows to catch up with by the time I get back to Portlandia, but that Doctor Who Christmas special will be worth it!

And even though it doesn’t snow very often in Portland nor Texas, I still have an ultimate goal of making a Snow Dalek! Merry X-Mas to me!

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